About Chelsey & … What’s North?

I’m a proud Milwaukeean who’s been lost (or found) climbing mountains in Chile for the last 5 years. I was born with a slight fear of the routine, I’m happiest outside and I feel the most peace when I’m stretching my comfort zone. Here, I’ll do what I can to bring Mother Nature closer to our lives. Welcome to the journey.

Why Finding North?

Finding North is a narrative on outdoor adventure and the journey to self fulfillment. Here, share my experiences developing my passion for the great outdoors, growing as a mountaineer, exploring the vast and diverse South American landscape, and navigating life abroad…. all in my personal journey to find my North. 

North can be defined as each one of ours’ guiding set of values and priorities. The orientation of your unique North is calibrated by your collections of characteristics, experiences, dreams, and passions. What I believe is that, with your North identified, you cannot get lost. As the world spins and throws us curve balls, it remains a fixed point that serves to keep you on track. It even enables you to stroll outside of your course without ever losing your way.

While I am driven to learn, grow, and challenge my own personal perspective, my mission is to empower others to take risks, push their emotional limits, and discover their true North through a reconnection with the natural world. I dream for more people to feel that pure, awe-struck feeling that swells in my heart and stomach when I stand on a mountain top or witness the breathtaking beauty of nature.